It is frightening sometimes though, to leave the knowledge base and reference frame of schoolmates and coworkers and try to find people like you making/in fiction. For me at least.

Yeah totally. Part of what makes popular media so alluring is the social experience. Sometimes even if we don’t like the media itself, the sense of community and participation surrounding it is intoxicating. Being alone is scary.

I’m interested in the capacity for outsider art to create community. I feel like many communities are formed out of the promise of something that will never materialize. I think popular culture can certainly promise a togetherness that doesn’t always have substance, especially if you’re marginalized in some way.

But I’m not interested in some kind of aesthetic purity, I draw from all kinds of media (and I think policing people’s choices tends to be deeply boring and ignorant of the overwhelming entanglement into which we are born). A lot of my work has been born from what I wish a piece of mainstream media was—Cyberqueen is me laying erotic eggs in the squirming body of System Shock, howling dogs is from that one mediocre movie where Jake Gyllenhaal saves a train using time travel but he’s trapped inside a bleak room of mysterious ruined machinery with no reference to the outside world. Art is biodegradable.